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Hanniel Gondim Carlos


Hello Friends!

I am currently deploying Power BI Desktop through Citrix, and I am facing a specific issue with this application. Up until the April 2023 update (2.116.404.0) of Power BI Desktop, when I clicked to sign in with my Microsoft account, a pop-up window would appear for the 'Sign In' process, and everything worked fine. However, starting from the May 2023 update (, this 'Sign In' window has been changed.

If I open the application directly from the desktop, the pop-up window appears as usual, and I can log in to my account without any problems. However, when accessing the application through Citrix, this window does not appear. Upon clicking 'Sign In', it briefly opens and then immediately closes/disappears, making it impossible to log in.

I am posting this here on the Citrix forum as I am facing this issue. Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.

In the attached images, access was made via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), and everything worked fine. The login screen appeared as expected. However, when accessing the application through Citrix, clicking on 'Sign In' has no effect. A black screen briefly appears and disappears, as shown in the third image.

RDP2 - OK.png

RDP1 - OK.png


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