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Identify inbound IP address

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I am inexperienced with the Netscaler in general. We are using our Netscaler for load balancing our website. Someone is hitting a single URL on our webserver with thousands of hits per hour. When we attempt to identify the inbound IP address we see the SNIP IP instead of the client IP.  We have X-Forwarded enabled and we are able to see all other inbound clients by client IP addresses.  

Is there another way to identify this IP address?  Is there auditing of inbound URLs?

Thank You

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You can do a network trace on the NetScaler and then look in Wireshark for the top talker.


NetScaler can log TCP Connections to syslog.


NetScaler can log HTTP requests to NetScaler Web Logging (NSWL).


You can add a Responder policy with a User Defined Log Action that goes to syslog.

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