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Teams AutoStart=Enable


Hello fellow Citrix Engineers,

Where could I find more official documentation about Teams AutoStart best practices for Citrix PVS infrastructures? Asking this because we are observing outrage VDA resources consumption on users` bursting logon time and would like to check if its something that is recommended to customers or not (disable)? And if it`s recommended to be AutoStart=Enable, what are the minimum VMs resources spects to be recommended? 

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17 minutes ago, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

There is no official documentation on it.  It is a business decision/user workflow decision.


If you ask microsoft they will say up your cpu and ram and launch it at login.


If you ask Citrix they will say remove it from startup for faster desktop load time.



Thanks you Jeff, smart answer and base on reference here you are kinda corrert Citrix recommend to Disabled but Microsoft recommend to be Enabled. 

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