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NetScaler ADC stopped working after upgrading to build-13.1-49.13_nc_64

Hieu Cao

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.   Performing the upgrade from v13.0-91.13 to v13.1-49.13  using the GUI - Chrome/MS Edge - keeps giving me the error "cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'output').  So I tried upgrading using CLI and the upgraded completed successfully without any issues.  However, the the server is rebooted, I can no longer access admin console using the GUI and ADC services for Outlook Web Access stopped working, but the server is still pingable and I am able to access it using SSH and WinSCP.


Has anyone encountered this issue before?  Any guidance is greatly appreciated!




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Thanks Carl for your response.


I've rolled back to v13.0-91.13, and things seem to work properly.  However,  I just notice that I can't SSH to the NetScaler anymore for some reasons.


I can ping the SNIP addresses, but I can't connect to them using either HTTP or HTTPS....this site can't be reached - <ip address> refused to connect error.


I've opened a support case with Citrix and I am awaiting their response.  I will certainly post the solution if this issue ever gets resolved...

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