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Windows Media Redirection and supported media players

Ken Z


Hi everyone

question regarding Windows Media Redirection.

I've only ever got Windows Media Player to support Windows Media Redirection on a Windows 10 VDI Desktop.

I remember reading a long time ago that only Windows Media Player is supported for this feature, but that was 10+ years ago.

Does Windows Media Redirection work with other players on new VDAs?




Ken Z

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Windows Media Player is supported, and Citrix calls out compatible, without any list.  So you will have to test.  Media Player and Media Player Classic are supported.  Some support was out there for VLC.


HTML5 redirection is supported with javascript inserts.  


And Browser Content Redirection can fully redirect entire sites, not just the media stream.

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thanks jeff


got no issues with BCR (other than using a proxy pac file via http which breaks server fetch/client render, but that's another story)

the issue is with local mp4 files, not #HTML5 video files played in a browser, so BCR not relevant.


I've logged this with Citrix Support who are currently looking into it. if anything that's relevant to the community is discovered I'll post it here.




Ken Z

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