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Move Citrix 1912 Complete Infrastructure to another Datacenter




I have Citrix Infra 1912 on ABC Datacenter. This includes 2 Delivery Controller, 2 Storefront Servers, 2 WEM Servers, 1 Database Server and 1 License Server. We have 10 HSD's as well as published applications on  10 XenApp Servers.


I need to move all above servers to new datacenter named XYZ. Please help me for best approach and steps.


Should i do Cross vCenter vMotion for all Citrix Infra servers (Delivery Controllers, Storefront, WEM, Database, License Server) and move them to new datacenter and then create new HSD pool and publish applications.


Please help me for correct steps.



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Are you using MCS?  If so, those machines can't be vmotioned.  Instead you will create a new vcenter connection in Studio, migrate over the maintenance machine and create a new machine catalog in that Datacenter.


Anything that is not provisioned with MCS can be migrated directly over.

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Hello Jeff, Thanks for your help.


I am not concerned about MCS machines because in existing environment, these are non-persistent HSD's and Worker XenApp Servers where applications are published. So i can recreate machine catalog in new datacenter using master image.


What actually i am looking for what would be best approch to move Citrix Infra servers (Delivery Controllers, Storefront, WEM, Database, License Server) from old datacenter to new datacenter.


If i will do lift and shift, what are the configuration i need to do in Citrix at new datacenter. Or should i go for creating parallel citrix environment in new datacenter. Or is there any other approach you can suggest?

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