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Deploying Citrix NetScaler VPX HA as VPN Gateway in Azure using IP Pool

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I try to set up a VPX HA environment in Azure.

While this worked fine so far for LB VS, I struggle with setting up NetScaler Gateway.

In our onprem deployment we are using IIP (Intranet IP) Pools.
I read already that this comes in general with some caveats, like described here:


Every IIP address that is used in an address pool must be registered.

Which means I have to add each IP that is used in any pool to the NIC in Azure one by one.

I noticed that means that I can only assign IPs that are in the Subnet that is associated with the NIC.

And I noticed that it is not possible in Azure to register the same IPs (which would be member of the IIP) to multiple NICs.

So If I get this right HA will not work for IIP in Azure, only single node setup will support IIP in Azure.

Can you confirm this?



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