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Unable to secondary ADC to current version 13.1-49.13

Marc Maehner

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I have downloaded the latest version for the Citrix ADC, do my backups of the virtual appliance and configuration and make sure I have enough disk space for the upgrade.  Throught the web interface I do the firmware upload by selected local and browse to the file and select it and check the box to reboot after the upload completes (uncheck to call home).  The firmware will start to upload however it will get to about the 70% mark and then stop.   It will sit there for a little bit and then just give me a circle spin and to tell me to please wait in the lower left hand corner.   I gave it about 45 minutes and refreshed the page and the ADC was still running on the old version and didnt appear to try to update.  Have downloaded the file again from Citrix's website and tried the upgrade anther time and still ran into the same issue.  




Picture A is the upload where it stops at 70%

Picture B is what it does after about 3-5 minutes sitting at the upload progress box



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I have not.  From what I have been told and read that the CLI method is not the preferred method and going to be phased out by Citrix ( I definitely could be wrong on that part).


Does it exhibit the same issues for you as well doing a browser based upgrade?



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