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NetScaler Issue after build-13.1-49.13_nc_64 installation

Simon Cox

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I had a previously working Citrix NetScaler VPX appliance version:  NetScaler Virtual Appliance 450010 running in VMware that I have attempted to upgrade from NS13.0.74.nc to the latest release with update build-13.1-49.13_nc_64.


To perform the upgrade, I used the CLI over SSH and followed the steps in CTX337105.


The update was installed with no errors, and after rebooting the device I can access it via SSH, but when I attempt to connect to the Admin GUI I get the following browser error.  (I have tried with current versions of Edge, Firefox, and Chrome)


Secure Connection Failed: Error code: SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP


Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Thanks, Carl good shout but I checked full SSL the config against a working NS device and can't see any differences, although if I scan with nmap I can see no SSL cyphers are offered.


In the end, I disabled secure access on the SNIP so I could access the management GUI.  I'm tempted now just to factory reset and restore the previous backup.

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