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VDA drop to state "Initializing" until restart of Citrix Desktop Service



We have seen a strange issue which looks kind of like the one described here: https://www.jasonsamuel.com/2014/10/16/citrix-xenapp-7-x-vda-registration-state-stuck-in-initializing-and-a-self-healing-powershell-script-to-fix-it/?unapproved=272147&moderation-hash=a7b3c09ef948122b72b3e23881c404c0#comment-272147


Basically workers from to state "Initializing", showing no more sessions and not accepting new connections. Existant sessions are fine.

Is all remaining workers of a delivery group drop to this state, users get an error when tring to start apps.


In our case we also saw frequent (about every 2 min) Kernel-General messages about a time adjustment, however the span is just fractions of a second:



from 2023-07-18T12:46:57.254024300Z to 2023-07-18T12:46:57.243000000Z
from 2023-07-18T12:46:58.898384700Z to 2023-07-18T12:46:58.887000000Z


Reason is always "An application or system component changed the time."


This immediately stops and the system i back to normal after restarting desktop service.

Only about 10% of the workers dropped to this state which share the same environment (vCenter, Domain, Network) and affected workers are together with non affected workers on the same hosts and clusters. Also the time (w32tm /query /source) is provided by the same domain controllers for affeced and non-affected workers alike.


Delivery Controllers show no errors.


I guess the time-sync gets triggered by the re-connection attempt to the delivery controllers as it is about every two minutes.

Right about the time when the issues start there is once a COM Stack communications failure:




So far we cannot say how often this is happening as this Installation is just transitioning into production and this was the first occurence where users were affected (as we had some workers in maintenance in one delivery group and suddently no new apps could be started).


An absolute wild guess would be, that there is a minor time skew (which is common with virtualisasation) and there is a misinterpretion of the decimal separator when commecting to the delivery controllers as we use english windows with german langpack. But it might be something even more simple.


Also found this one (spaces in browser-names): https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX203256/vda-in-initializing-state-unable-to-launch-applications-in-xenapp

I synched browser to published names (as we copied a lot of apps) and think this is unlikely to be the cause.


Has someone seen something like that ?

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