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Unbound Agents, Temporary User Profile, New Profile - Citrix Cloud

Jason Moran1709162952



I have been struggling with an issue that is very random/inconsistent where by sometimes when a user launches a VDI ( Windows 10 22H2, VDA 2206 ) it is a hit and miss if the user will get their User Profile or a Temporary User Profile/New Profile. My Configuration Set is modeled after Workspace Environment Management (WEM) 2305 – Carl Stalhood with very little differences.


I am also seeing that sometimes my VDIs are showing Unbound Agents in Citrix WEM under Last Known Configuration Set. I am using MCS and clearing the WEM DB Cache when preparing the Image. As well I have my Base Images in a separate AD OU and WEM Configuration Set than my Machine Catalogs.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when this occurs, I have been working with Citrix Support for months on this without any luck. I have of course reviewed the Permissions on my Profile Store, I have also tried rebuilding my MCS Base Image with a different version of VDA. I have also reviewed Firewall and AV settings too.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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How are you binding your agents to configuration sets? Are you using catalog -> configuration set assignments in Studio, or using OU based assignments? My suggestion is to use the traditional OU/AD Object based assignments.


You should throw BIS-F into your environment and let it handle your WEM startup/shutdown requirements (realistically you shouldn't need to do anything but I still use this strategy). The product should be handling anything to do with cache requirements these days.


UPM -> Just use Studio Policies. Can't afford to have any level of inconsistency in it - never fails with Policy.

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Hello James .... Thank you very much for your response. I am currently using Machine Catalog for the Configuration Set assignments but with that I will certainly try AD OU Based via GPO instead. Pending the results, I will look at and try moving UPM into Studio Policies instead.


Regarding UPM, until now I have been using WEM based on Citrix and Carl Stalhood.

I will look into BIS-F, I have never used this previously. Typically I use the Citrix Optimizer Tool.


Correction: I will try Adding an AD OU in Citrix WEM instead of doing it via Machine Catalog.

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It took some time but I did some comparisons between WEM and UPM and it seems the issue is not related to WEM or UPM but related to DNS. In both cases (WEM vs UPM), I saw the issue. Although I had done some work to change all paths to IP \\##.##.##.## for example from FQDN where I could it seems like since I set a GPO with the settings "Register PTR Resource" and "Registration Refresh Interval" that I have actually ( knock wood ) started to see the end of my aggravation.


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