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GEO Fence Rules not working

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We have both a policy to notify admins if GEOFence breached, and we get no emails and the user is still able to use Citrix.

The Policies show they have triggered and action taken, but no actual action is taken.

Notify administrator(s) if CVAD-Session started outside of geo-fence with 49449 occurrences.

Session-start-outside-geofence with 49355 occurrences

And in all instances, it does nothing, no emails are sent and no action is taken, but the status is enabled.

Please fix this so that the connections are disconnected like we have in the policy and the emails are sent like we have seutp in the policy.


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For policy actions to get triggered actually, the policy mode needs to be set to Enforcement mode. By default, this is set to Monitoring mode, in which case, policies will get triggered and actions triggered shown in UI but not actually applied on the environment. This is what you see.

Please refer details here https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/security-analytics/policies-and-actions.html#supported-modes

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