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cannot join new pvs server to farm.. related to StreamProcess


I'm able to telnet from the new pvs server to 1433 so I do not think it is that.


I get "Cannot establish a connection to the database because an attempt to log in failed. Please check your database connection settings in the registry and your permissions on your database server." in eventvwr (source StreamProcess) and pvs error log says:




[04:05:58.374][0001]  EntryExit:In FixDiskTable    [CommandProcessorConfigWizard.cs(2002): FixDiskTable]
[04:05:58.374][0001]  TRACE:sqlStatement = <SELECT [DiskLocator].[diskId], [DiskLocator].[diskLocatorId] FROM [Disk] JOIN [DiskLocator] ON [DiskLocator].[diskId] = [Disk].[diskId] WHERE [writeCacheType] IS NULL ORDER BY [DiskLocator].[diskId], [DiskLocator].[diskLocatorId] ASC>    [MapiConnection.cs(1296): TryGetSql]
[04:05:58.374][0001]  DEBUG:connectionString = <Data Source=********\citrix;Initial Catalog=CitrixProvisioning;Integrated Security=True;Enlist=False;Pooling=False;Current Language=us_english>    [MapiConnection.cs(516): GetConnection]
[04:05:58.374][0001]  DEBUG:database opened successfully    [MapiConnection.cs(533): GetConnection]
[04:05:58.374][0001]  DEBUG:Nothing to do in FixDiskTable    [CommandProcessorConfigWizard.cs(2041): FixDiskTable]
[04:05:58:390] Error: Configuration did not complete. Check for errors and re-configure.




Thanks for help.

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