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screen lock issue

david brown1709155931




I have a problem with W10 VDI & screen saver. The screen saver has been configured to load after 15 mins. this seems to work fine but the screen saver does not run. the screen displays the screen that was left open 15mins previous. obvious security issue. if there is any user input using mouse or keyboard the screensaver kicks in immediately.


W10 22H2. vda 1912LTSR. pooled desktops


i have added CTX205214 to the image. still the same


any ideas appreciated






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Doesn't really help you, but I get exactly the same thing.  It's like the screen doesn't update because there is no movement of anything on it, and as soon as there is, it refreshes the whole screen to show the locked screensaver that should have been on there already.


It's not VDA or OS related - I have it on Windows 11 running 2203 CU2 VDAs.   I haven't bothered with screensavers previously (we used to use mostly thin clients, which auto-lock outside of Citrix) but this behaviour makes it a bit pointless.

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