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Citrix Workspace not updating cache


Hello all,

Have experienced an issue a few times in the past, and it's causing problems again. For some reason, CWA (mostly on 2203.2 in our environment) will not update the Cache.xml file located in %appdata%\Local\Citrix\SelfService. Usually, this isn't a problem, but we have a scenario with devices connected to a mandatory store pushing icons to the desktop, where a published app was replaced by a new published app with the same name. Sometimes CWA will suddenly refer to the outdated cache file instead of the Storefront, and replaces the current published app icon on the desktop to the app in the cache file which no longer exists. Worked with Citrix support extensively on this, and found no solutions. Changing the refresh interval settings or doing a poll does nothing to update the cache file. Any thoughts?

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