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Using Citrix MCS with VMware 7.0 encrypted (Native Key Provider) VM?




I was wondering if there is any documentation or caveats to creating my MCS base image with VMware's native key provider (NKP, new as of VMware version 7.0 a couple years ago)'s automatic encryption of the VMs. Does Citrix support using an encrypted VM as the base image when doing an MCS machine catalog capture and creation? The only documentation I can find that even mentions citrix, vmware, and cryptography together is https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/2203-ltsr/install-configure/install-prepare/vmware.html#cryptographic-operations which only mentions rights the service account in Citrix Studio needs (which I have, on both the host, and the datastore)


I ask because when I went to create a new machine catalog, using a VMware NKP encrypted VM as the base, Citrix Studio could not see the VM or its snapshot on the vcenter cluster I was connected to. It could see other, non-encrypted VMware VMs that had snapshots - just not my encrypted one.


I haven't found any pages yet that explicitly that I can, or cannot, have encrypted VMs used as a base image. My end goal of course is to also have Citrix MCS then also create VMware NKP encrypted VMs too, but I haven't gotten that far yet - I can't even see my encrypted VM or snapshot.

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