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Keyboard and mouse input lag when external monitor connected and not in full screen.


I am using the most recent Citrix Workspace for Mac (2307). My computer is a 2023 14" Macbook Pro. I am accessing a Windows 10 VDI through Citrix Viewer. 


When I have an external monitor connected to my computer, and Citrix Viewer is not in full-screen (i.e., in windowed mode), I experience significant 2-3 second delay between typing on my computer's keyboard and the resulting input showing up in the Windows VDI. The same is true with mouse clicks. If I move my mouse and click in a field or form, or select text in Windows, there is the delay before the cursor indicator moves to the place I clicked.  


There does not seem to be any changes to the lag regardless of the type(DisplayPort or HDMI), resolution, or number of external displays. 


There are two contexts when there is no lag:

1) I do not have an external display attached. In this context, there is no delay regardless if my Citrix Workspace is full-screen or in windowed mode. When I am only using the built-in laptop display. 


2) If I switch to full-screen mode for Citrix viewer, such that the Windows VDI is using all displays, then the delay or lag goes away.


But I use native Macos applications enough that this lack of ability to use Citrix Workspace in windowed mode (not in full-screen) without lag is very counter productive. 


Thanks for any suggestions for a solution. 

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