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Windows Media Redirection of files larger than 2GB

Ken Z




Running Windows 10 VDI desktops on XenServer with NVIDIA A16 GPU and Citrix VDA 1912 CU7


I've got some mp4 files of different sizes. Some less than 2GB and some larger.

All mp4 files less than 2GB redirection successfully, but the files larger than 2GB, only a black screen is displayed.

Is there a limit on the file size of redirection? I hadn't come across anything in the documentation





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Hi Jeff


I'm using the built-in Windows Media Player

the mp4 file is on the local C drive

As the files are on the local C drive, i assume that the raw data is streamed to the client over an ICA channel within the main protocol.

See https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/multimedia/windows-media-redirection.html#:~:text=Windows Media redirection intercepts the,received from the host server.


"Windows Media redirection intercepts the media pipeline at the host server, captures the media data in its native compressed format, and redirects the content to the client device. The client device then recreates the media pipeline to decompress and render the media data received from the host server"


I've since done some more testing.

I've used a video editor tool to reduce the resolution, fps, video stream, change codec, etc, reducing the file size down to less than a GB (although not a completely black screen), and still getting issues. I've also got other mp4 files with the same fps, video stream rate, fps, codec, resolution, that are larger, and they redirect perfectly. note that the same edited mp4 files play perfectly on my Windows 11 laptop.


If I prohibit media redirection via a Citrix policy, the same videos play perfectly.

The above article has a section mentioning a black screen if RAVE is enabled, but tried disabling Multi-Streaming which made no difference.


Logged a call with Citrix regarding this.








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Hi Ken,

I'm experiencing a similar issue with smaller videos (1.5 GB) playing with no issues, but larger videos (3 GB+) displaying only a black screen. Can you tell me what came out of your call with Citrix?

Were you able to resolve the issue?


Thank you

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