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Deploying Oracle Hyperion 11.2 with Citrix Netscaler 13

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Hi All,

I configured our Citrix ADC to load balance between two Oracle Hyperion 11.2 servers. The response time of the application running through the Citrix ADC is high and not consistent compared making the requests directly to either of the servers.


when tracking the requests using the browser's developers tool, I can see that the response time for some objects are high, reaching 10-20 seconds. The object or objects that are causing the high response time are different each time I make the request for the same page. And even sometimes, the retrieval of some objects fail and never load.


Is there any known working configuration or best practices that I can follow to properly make Hyperion 11.2 work with Citrix ADC?


Has anyone previously had such setup and configured Hyperion 11.2 servers to work with Citrix ADC?

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