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Impossible to get the LoadIndex of a machine with a Powershell script and Citrix API



Hi the Community,


I developed a powershell script to get all informations on machines witch are on a specific delivery group :


Here the url i use :  $Url = ('https://api-eu.cloud.com/cvad/manage/DeliveryGroups/{0}/Machines' -F $IdOrName) with the id of the delivery group in parameter.

I get all informations except the LoadIndex.


The strange thing is when i use the sdk powershell kit, i get the LoadIndex.


For me, it's due to an update of the api.


Second problem, i would like to get the status of a service running on a machine like Citrix AD Provider, Citrix Agent Discovery, etc

Can you help me ?


Many thanks.



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It should be a bug of this API and will be fixed in the next release. As a workaround before that, the another machine searching API can be used to get all information on machines, including the LoadIndex.  https://developer.cloud.com/citrixworkspace/citrix-daas/citrix-daas-rest-apis/apis/Machines-APIs/Machines_DoMachineSearch




The request body:

    "SearchFilters": [
            "Property": "DeliveryGroup",
            "Value": "{Delivery Group Name}",
            "Operator": "Equals"
    "SortCriteria": {
        "Property": "Uid",
        "SortDirection": "Ascending"


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