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Outlook Not Responding

Jimmy Bouma-Holtrop


Hi folks,


I'm not sure if this is even an app layering issue but thought I would throw it out there in case anyone has any ideas.


For a few weeks now most of our VDI users have been having Outlook randomly lock up on them, usually multiple times a day. It's usually when they're working with PDF attachments and it requires doing a task kill on the Outlook process to recover, although a few users have mentioned that it comes back after a few minutes of waiting.


When this first started I analyzed the recent changes and updates and nothing seemed to correlate.  I roll out my layer updates over a 1-2 weeks period usually and this seemingly started for everyone essentially overnight one day in May.


I've tried rebuilding my Office layer, updating add-ins, rolling back to a previous version (I found a Reddit thread talking about a similar issue from a couple of weeks before it started for us and the solution there seemed to be roll back to February/March), switching from Current Channel to Semi-Annual Channel, and grabbing and analyzing a Windows performance trace (I didn't see anything obvious, but I'm also not that well versed in how to read such traces). Nothing seems to have made a difference.


Just curious if anyone else has seen these types of issues recently or in general? It does not seem to be happening to our non-VDI machines with the same version of Office, so it seems to be some sort of interaction between Outlook and VDI/app layering.



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