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Help debugging an office token issue

Andy White1709162096





XenDesktop 1912CU6

WEM agent v2212

Windows 10 22H2


How would you debug this issue? We are using Win10 22H2 desktops (some are older in other Delivery Groups) and on this new Win10 22H2 image I have built I have put the latest Office 365 install using shared licensing like all the other images we do.

The Office 365 tokens are stored in the users UPM profile, we use WEM for this.




When I log on with a new (test) user with this image and log into Office I have to authenticate (MFA etc) which is fine, then I sign out and I can see the tokens get saved to their UPM profile which WEM is synchronising.

However when I log back in I have to do this again, it's like the tokens are ignored.

If I log into an older Win10 Desktop then do the same procedure it works and what is strange it fixes the issue with the new desktop.

The Desktops are in the same OU in AD too and policies from what I can see.

What can I try next?

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When I've had this issue it's been connected to the AppData\Local\Packages folder not being captured by UPM. 


Separtely, someone was telling me they suddenly had problems like this with OneDrive having to be reauthenticated after every logon following an upgrade to UPM.


He added these two paths:




Problem went away.

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