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Is there any recommended configuration or best-praxis guides regarding setting up Custom Risk Indicators and Policies?

Matheus Willamo


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Hello Matheus, thank you for reaching out.

We have put in pre defined templates in the Custom indicators workflow - https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/security-analytics/custom-risk-indicators.html#custom-risk-indicator-templates

Can you review and share your feedback regarding this please.  We are also working currently on putting these use-case in public docs, to be used.

Few questions to help us understand this better,

Are you setting up CAS for SIEM export or leveraging CAS for these policies.
What are the key outcomes/ use-cases on your mind as you use CAS/S.
Are you managing a partner account, or are you managing your own Citrix enviornment.
If possible can you share your OrgID / what are the data sources available.

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