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ADC VPX high CPU after "virtual" hardware change

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Hello all, 


We had to change the virtual network adapter in hyper-V due to driver changes. We testet it on the slave node and everything works as expected (there where literaly no changes). Now when we switch over to this node, we experience high management CPU. I could track this down to de SNMP daemon snmpd.


Is the snmp going crazy because of the "hardware change" ? 

For the NICs we kept the same static mac addresses, therefore the license shows valid. Should I try to license it maybe?


Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


Our environment is like that:


- 2 nodes VPX10, VPX01/VPX02 on hyper-V

- 4096mb memory, 2vCPU

- each, 3 NICs, 

- int 0/1: management, vlan 5

- int 1/1: inside snip,  vlan 370

- int 1/2: outside vip, vlan 371




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