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Unable to Publish Applications - Unregistered in Studio but Servers Are Registered with Delivery Controllers

Dave Ward1709163915


So, I have a weird one I have never seen before. 


I have built two Servers into the mix to host some published apps only. I have checked the even logs and both the Delivery Controllers and VDA both confirm that the Servers are registered.


However, when I go to create a Machine Catalog and select the Servers it says that they have never registered with a Delivery Controller and appear as Unregistered once the Catalog is created. If I move onto the next step and create a Delivery Group and try and add applications it says "There are no powered-on machines that can be browsed, and you cannot (or do not have permission to) power on a machine". Machines are powered on and running and ping Test-NetConnection confirm communications are up and talking.


Anyone got any ideas how to get these Servers to appear as Registered and enable them to publish apps.

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