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Reset OS disk on persistent VMs via API


According to the "what's new":


suggests that we can now reset the disk for VDA VMs that were created from MCS
"reset the OS disk of a persistent VM in an MCS created machine catalog in Azure and Citrix Hypervisor"
a link follows to the Citrix SDK "POSH":


however, what we would like to know is if and when will there be an API for this?
e.g. it does not appear yet as an option on the Citrix DaaS Rest API:


we are active developers on our own products using Citrix Cloud DaaS for Azure Standard, utilizing Web Apps, Logic Apps, Functions Apps within Azure, and using Citrix's Rest API is our preferred option as we can natively implement in our development.


please could this be looked into - we have looked for an option like this for a very long time, and are pleased that such functionality now exists, however would love that for it to exist in Rest API.

Many thanks

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