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Issues with 2305 UPM and containers

Jeff Riechers


Has anyone upgraded UPM to 2305?


I did a fresh build in my lab as I wanted to do side by side performance tests between UPM and FSLogix now that they are nearly exact in feature parity.


However with 2305 UPM full containers, sessions just hang on the welcome screen.  A 200 MB vhdx is created, but the RW vhdx is not created.  We have to do a full reset of the VM to get it back.  It is not frozen, as I can access it over the network with remote event viewer and file shares.  If we do traditional UPM profiles on 2305 they load fine.


If we go to 2203 cu3 UPM full containers work fine.


I have a ticket open with Citrix, but wanted to see if others have seen the same.

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same symptoms.

Upgraded from 2303 to 2305, login very slow, a lot of things not working correctly (like cannot start outlook anymore).


log is full of ProcessDriverChangeRecordBuffer: Failed to convert driver change log source path <\Device\HarddiskVolume5\$Extend


And your log?

Definitely a new issue but I really don't want to open another case.

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Have rolled VDA back to 2206 and the Profile containers are work as expected.


Looking with ProcMon when using 2303 or 2305 I was seeing the following from the UserProfileManager.exe process:

  • Buffer overflow trying to read the security info on the ProfileContainer.vhdx once it was successfully created, followed by a Invalid device request trying to do a FileSystemControl operation on it.
  • Failure to create the ProfileContainer_RW.vhdx file
  • Access Denied  trying to create the cLockfile in the Profile container directory. 

None of these are present using the old VDA/Profile Management.


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