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Citrix Profile Management 2303 and Azure Files




I am facing an issues with Profile Management 2303 and Azure Files.

The feature Accelerate Folder Mirroring hang the logon process on Please Wait Citrix Profile Management indefinitely.


After investigation, it's because this feature need to add Domain Computer permission on clockfile inside Mirror folders and on the VHDX file.

I try to set the permission manually over the SMB connection but I could not do this with an access key.


Does anyone used this feature with Profile Management 2303 and Azure Files, do you facing the same issues?


The problem is not present on Profile Management 2203.


Thanks for your answers.

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Was it creating the initial ProfileContainer.vhdx on the share and then failing? If so your Azure Files config is possibly fine as I found issues on 2303 and 2305 with trying to setup Profile Containers on an Azure Files share. Seems like there is a bug in those two where it fails to get past that point, as when uninstalled and then installed the older 2206 VDA/Profile management components all parts of the Profile Containers now are created successfully (vhdx, RW vhdx and cLockfile) on the same Azure Files share.

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