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Upgrade VDA from 1912 LTSR to 2203 LTSR on Persistent Desktops

Tim Rogers1709160555


We have almost a 1000 persistent VM's that I need to upgrade the VDA from 1912 LTSR to 2203 LTSR.   In the past I have used SCCM and a task sequence.   This is not going so well, the few machines I have tested have immediately broken when I try upgrading them, and I need to backdoor in and run VDA Cleanup on them.    I tried creating a script that uninstalls it first, then installs the new one, however, running the removal with the /quiet parameter states it is not a valid parameter.   The VMs are running on Windows 10 21H2.   Most of them are in VMWare, but we have a couple hundred in Nutanix.   Does anyone know of a successful method for upgrading VDA, or removing existing and installing the new version?

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