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Citrix Cloud Gateway + DaaS + Okta AD groups are not bein enumerated

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So we currently have an on prem ADC which we use with DaaS and it is configured with Okta as an idp.  All is well with the world.  I want to try and use Citrix Cloud Gateway so when renewal time comes round we have options. 


Anyway everything is setup on cloud gateway, FAS is working, Okta is authenticating users.  However,  users only see apps & desktops that  they have been explicitly named to have access to.  for example a remote PC delivery group where a user has a specific desktop assigned.  In a pooled dektop group where access is defined by an AD group desktops do not appear. 


If I create a new delivery group and "Leave user management to Citrix Cloud. " I can assign the delivery group to an okta group as a library offering.  This is not ideal as it would mean I would need to recreate every delivery group.  


Is there a way to use the existing delivery groups with Okta?  Am I missing some vital bit of configuration.  


(Also if I switch authentication back to basic AD then groups are checked and apps appear as expected)

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