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NetScaler as a forwarder

Manoj Rana

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Hi All,


I have several GSLB services set up on the Netscaler, and I want to configure the Netscaler itself as a forwarder for requests from external users. However, when I run the command "nslookup abc.abc.com Nerscler_ADNSIP," I'm not receiving any response. Can you provide guidance on how to configure this correctly? I have setup according to this link



*** No internal type for both IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses (A+AAAA) records available for abc.abc.com





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Thanks Carl.


I wanted to thank you for your assistance. I have managed to identify the issue.

The problem was related to the GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing) services. Initially, we had only configured subdomain DNS entries. However, after adding the main domain DNS name, the services are now functioning correctly.


Thank you again.

Best regards



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