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ADC crashes with 13.0-90.11 and 13.1-45.63

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Hi Guys,


after upgrading our netscalers to lates firmware we can see all systems crashing.
Affected are VPXs and MPXs.

TM, CS and Gateway - traffic cause immediately this behavior.

We also open a ticket with citrix support and if needed we will share the ticket number for faster case tracking.


Any idea welcome

thx Andreas

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From the release notes of 13.0-90.11:
A Citrix ADC appliance might crash when an HTTP/2 enabled virtual server generates a response for an HTTP/2 request, instead of forwarding the request to the back-end service.


Workaround: Disable HTTP2 in the HTTP profile bound to the virtual server.


[ NSBASE-18162, NSHELP-35288 ]




I've got a case open as well with Citrix to confirm this is what I'm hitting.  I have upgraded 10+ Netscalers and only have an issue with the ones that I have http2 enabled on a VIP.   The symptoms I'm seeing are that when I failover to the VPX with the new code 13.0-90.11 within 15 seconds it crashes.

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50 minutes ago, Andreas Koch said:

We received a private fix today. You have to reference NSHELP-35288 and you will get the download link

Thanks for the heads up.  Fortunately, I was able to just disable HTTP2 for the time being. I'll wait until their next major release and re-visit.

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