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Mulitple Displays on Mac OSX Ventura don't work properly

Klaus Kloumlser


When starting Citrix Viewer (Version: (2301)) on two displays, both screen are overlayed on the main screen (call it left screen).
Putting Viewer into Window Mode and putting it back to full screen mode doesn't help.

Putting Viewer into Window Mode, moving it to the second screen (Right Screen) and puttting it back to Full Screen helps, it is displayed then correctly.

This happens with every start.

This behavior is known from earlier version of  Citrix apps and was resolved during the update cycle; it is apparently a known issue.

Please help. 

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Thanks for your question.

There is some issue on 2301 is related to full screen mode, could you please upgrade your Citrix Viewer to latest 2305, download link: https://www.citrix.com/downloads/workspace-app/mac/workspace-app-for-mac-latest.html then help to check the new version whether can fix the issue or not, thanks.


If you still have the issue, then have a quick try - Disable HighDPI mode on Viewer -> Preference -> general -> option in UI, if still have the issue on HighDPI mode disabled, then please contact our Citrix Offical Tech Support for help, thanks.

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yes, I still have the isssue and I tried everything and today installed the Upgrade, again with no success in my problem.
As this is not a new problem (it existed on an earlier release and vanished then until it reappeared after some upgrade), I recommend,
that CITRIX takes it up to its support line and gets it fixed.
As you are a Citrix Employee yopu may explain, why I as a customer may have to do this again; I already posted it here, right ?

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