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How to specify azure avalability zone when creating machine catalog using DaaS rest API?

David Wang1709163691


I'm wondering where to pass azure availability zone to the api.

My payload is like this:

    "Name": "MY-TEST-MC-001",
    "AllocationType": "Static",
    "IsRemotePC": false,
    "MinimumFunctionalLevel": "L7_25",
    "Scopes": ["00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"],
    "Tenants": [],
    "Zone": "Azure Our Zone US",
    "ProvisioningScheme": {
        "NumTotalMachines": 1,
        "CpuCount": null,
        "MemoryMB": null,
        "UseWriteBackCache": false,
        "IdentityType": "ActiveDirectory",
        "MasterImagePath": "XDHyp:\\HostingUnits\\PATH_TO_IMAGE",
        "ServiceOfferingPath": "XDHyp:\\HostingUnits\\PATH\\serviceoffering.folder\\Standard_D4s_v3.serviceoffering",
        "UseFullDiskCloneProvisioning": false,
        "PrepareImage": true,
        "DedicatedTenancy": false,
        "SecurityGroups": ["NIC_NAME"],
        "MachineAccountCreationRules": {
            "NamingScheme": "CTX_###",
            "NamingSchemeType": "Numeric",
            "Domain": "123.com",
            "OU": "OU=1,OU=2,OU=Azure,OU=3,OU=4,OU=5,OU=6,DC=7,DC=123,DC=com"
        "CustomProperties": [
            {"Name": "UseManagedDisks","Value": "true"},
            {"Name": "StorageAccountType","Value": "StandardSSD_LRS"},
            {"Name": "LicenseType","Value": "Windows_Client"},
            {"Name": "ResourceGroups","Value": "rg-001"}
    "PersistUserChanges": "OnLocal",
    "ProvisioningType": "MCS",
    "SessionSupport": "MultiSession"

I tried "AvailabilityZone" peroperty in CustomPropweries, but it says invalid property.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I believe inside CustomProperties you need to add Zone as a  Name and Values: 



Zones: The Azure Availability Zones containing provisioned virtual machines. Use a comma as a delimiter for multiple zones. If this property is not specified, the provisioned virtual machine is randomly placed across all Azure Availability Zones in the region defined by the hosting unit.

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