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Pop-up sound causes FReezing to Citrix virtual desktops and apps

jonas geerts


Hi everyone,

I have a problem with Citrix and i asked myself if someone else erver had this problem. One employee in our environment has the problem that every time that she gets a pop-up locally her entire Citrix environment freezes. I found a temporary solution to disable the sound of these pop-up's and now it doesn't freeze.


Any help would be really appreciated! ?


Kind regards

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Few questions to narrow this down. is it a standard windows notification or is it coming from a specific app ? e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, specific web app running in a browser. Does the session freeze for a few seconds and recover itself or you need to force close and relaunch. App or Desktop Session ? How is the audio device redirected into Citrix ? There are a number of Media Redirection functions that could be at play causing this so knowing the above will help me advise what to try next. 

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It happens with every pop-up like Teams, Skype for business, email or even a windows pop-up. It needs to be forced closed because it is completly frozen. the whole desktop experience needs to be closed and reopend with the reciever. the audio is seperated from local and citrix.



thank you so much for your help!

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get this sometimes too.  Usually need to logoff/log back on to the desktop session and completely exist workspace app first on the endpoint.  Sometimes moving the headset usb to a different USB port also helps.  Not sure what causes the problem, but its always pop-ups like if you are using teams and outlook pop-up new email appears it will completely freeze the whole desktop session until the pop-up from outlook eventually disappears and then the desktop starts responding again.  Appears to be some kind of audio conflict going on or if the endpoint audio channels are not initialized properly during session start..just a guess.

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