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How to determine if Windows Media Redirection is working?


How can I verify windows media redirection is working, policies required for windows media redirection are enabled by default?


I am trying to play a video file from a published desktop, file is located on D drive of Citrix server.


Computer Policy:
Windows media client-side content fetching : Allowed
Windows media redirection: Allowed


User Policy:

Optimization for Windows media multimedia redirection over WAN: Allowed
Windows Media fallback prevention: Play all content



Based on this article it is not working. 


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Video file format is .mp4 and playing using windows media player.


For now I have copied video file on Citrix server locally (C: drive) and it works when I play from RDP session but it only plays audio via Citrix session.

Where in director i can find if windows media redirection is working or not? 
I looked at HDX report for Windows media but not clue from there, I saw three stream were in use and status of virtual channel / bandwidth? 


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