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Adaptive transport - Disadvantages of disabling "EDT over UDP"?

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Hello together 


In our Citrix envirement we have some Disconnects with IGEL ThinClients and IGEL Engineering and Citrix Support has adviced us to 
disable "EDT over UDP" and set it to "HDX over TCP". 

This setting can be done over Citrix Policy.

Our Citrix envirement is just a LAN envirement - so no connections over Netscaler to the IGEL Devices.


I have 2 questions about this and would be happy to read your Experiences.


  1. If we disable "EDT over UDP" in our envirement.
    Does we have any Disadvantages when using Citrix VDI Desktops?
    Any Disadvantages in using Teams Communication (Video Calls) , using graphical things, etc etc ? 
  2. Is there a way to set this Citrix Policy just for Sessions on IGEL Devices ?
    So a way to disable "EDT over UDP" just for Sessions that are on IGEL ThinClients?
    Please take note its impossible anymore to set this on the IGEL ThinClient since Firmware 11.07. 



Thank you for your answers 


Benjamin Parziale
ICT-Systemspezialist senior 

Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund | Geschäftssitz Dierikon | Group-IT | Systemtechnik 
Postfach | 6031 Ebikon
Direktwahl:  +41 41 455 77 65 | Zentrale: +41 41 455 71 11

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1) Probably not. EDT is great for higher latency connections. It has done wonders for locations in India connecting to US VDAs. I doubt your users would notice a difference if they are all on the same LAN. Most users in the same building (or same city) did not see a difference enabling EDT. 


2) Are the VDIs contained in the same delivery group? If so set up a Citrix policy for just that delivery group. There are other means of singling them out when you create a policy. I assume the IGEL just brokers connections to the VDI. Once you're on the VDI, you could launch apps with EDT from Citrix Workspace running on that desktop.


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Thank you very much Jason for your feedback to your questions! 


We did a lot of tests and can also confirm that the users didn't notice anything about the switch to "HDX over TCP" (deactivation of "EDT over UDP").
No cons found with us.

We will set the Citrix policy "Adaptive Transport - Disable EDT over UDP" with a wildcard on all delivery groups.



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Usually you only disabled EDT when it is causing connectivity issues.  Otherwise it is best to leave it on for LAN and WAN connections.


Since your IGELs are disconnecting only on UDP then it would be a good call to turn it off.


However if you update the Workspace App on the IGELs in the future I would recommend testing turning it back on, as there are more functions coming in later VDAs with UDP traffic.

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