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Second App not launching


Hi folks,

I have some pretty strange behaviour here.

This is a new setup:
- all servers Windows 2019, incl. VDAs, no Desktop OS

- CVAD & PVS 2203 LTSR CU2

- Netscaler 13.42.47

- Clients connect from a hardend Thinclient with Igel OS, via browser (Workspace App is installed). Igel OS doesn't seem. We testet several versions with and without having issues.


Now here it goes:

After logon to Storefront and clicking the first application a seesion is created and the first app launches pretty fast.

When clicking another app (no matter if it's from the same Delivery group or a different one) nothing happens.

On the client you see a turning circle for like 3 seconds.

On the Delivery Controller I can see the app added to 'Apps in use'. But this disappears after about 30 seeconds

On the VDA no process is created for the new app.

No event log entries on VDA, DDC, SF that could giva a clue.

We are talking simple applications like Paint, Snipping Tool, Keepass, Explorer here, nothing fancy. No Path variables are being used like %Program Files% etc.

The even stranger thing is that, as far as I'm aware of, there's only two clients without this issue (one happens to be mine). All non-working accounts I've tried on this client don't have any issues.

And we are connecting to a 1912 farm from these clients,too (completely independent farm, different Netscaler) , and nobody has any issues like this.


Any clues are highly appreciated.


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On 5/6/2023 at 8:20 PM, Jeff Riechers1709152667 said:

What profile engine are you using?  If FSLogix it could be locked so separate servers can't create one.

Citrix UPM, when apps are on different DGs they also have different profiles


Do you have any GPOs in place that are restricting users to a single session?


If you try connecting from a non IGEL machine does it work correctly?

Only Igel clients. But if I use an account with issues on MY Igel client it works perfectly. I'm not aware of any differences that may apply to my Igel account though.


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