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Using MCS to deploy gold image to remote vCenter server hosts

Ken Z


Hi Everyone


this is more a VMware ESX question that a Citrix question, but I'm not a VMware expert...


I have an environment that's split across two data centres, connected by a 1Gb link. They are approximately 10 miles apart.

Each data centre has a VMware Server Cluster with a VMware Essentials license. Each cluster is standalone (i.e. no shared storage between them, and they have their own vCenter / VCA appliance)


I'm looking to build a single Citrix VAD environment that spans both data centres (hence runs on both VMWare clusters), using MCS to deploy the VDAs.

My question is, do I need to manually copy the gold image across from one cluster to another, or if I add both VCAs to Citrix Studio, will Citrix MCS automatically clone the gold image to the remote cluster before creating the cloned images? (I don't have access to the environment at the moment so I can't test this)


(I know there's a school of thought that it's best to have two separate Citrix farms rather than a single one that spans the two data centres, but this is what I've got to work with)




Ken Z

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