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Second and subsequent logins result in a temp profile.


Hi All,


It seems as though this might be caused by a corrupt ntuser.dat file but how do I fix it?


I'm running windows 10 22H2 with VDA 2203 and my environment is XD 7.6 1912LTSR

From no user profile existing the first logon completes successfully, the UPM creates the profile on the user share I have and all seems good but Second and subsequent login's always results in an error creating your profile message, you have been logged in with a temporary profile.


2023-05-02;18:33:01.757;ERROR;DOMAIN;vincent;1;1240;VhdStoreHistoryPathRead: CreateFile: \\xdfs####\users$\vincent\vincent.Win10_22H2\VhdStorePath, failed with: The system cannot find the file specified.
2023-05-02;18:33:01.810;;DOMAIN;vincent;1;1240;Copied NTUSER.DAT from \\xdfs####\users$\vincent\vincent.Win10_22H2\Pending\UPM_Profile\NTUSER.DAT to C:\Users\vincent\NTUSER.DATThe operation completed successfully.


UPM log appears to show an error and then immediately a success.

If I create the missing folder VhdStorePath, then I get a message in the LOG about creating a new folder!


I'm a bit lost now, googling seems to suggest its either a windows issue or a roaming profile issue.

Do I need to review my sync'd folders and files?


Any help is gratefully appreciated.



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