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MacOS Monitor Will Not Wake When Citrix Viewer is Running

Scott Kuhl


I have two external monitors.  One of them is an LG Ultrawide.  I noticed that sometimes when my MacBook would wake up from sleep the LG monitor would not come back on.  I would need to turn it off and on again.  After several weeks I found the culprit to be Citrix Viewer.  Whenever this application is running and the MacBook (Apple Silicon) goes to sleep, the external monitor will not turn back on when the MacBook comes back on.

This only happens when the Citrix View application is running.  I am currently running 2304 on Ventura.

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I've checked your problem in CWA Mac, and want to reproduce the issue in my mac environment.

My mac environment is:

1 MacBook 13.3 inch - M1 chip - 16GB mem - Ventura 13.4

2 External monitor DELL P2414H with resolution - 1920*1080

3 CWA-Mac installed with 2305 version.

When I launch session with 2305(not full screen mode) and then make macbook sleep and wake it up by mouse click or keyboard input. external monitor can be wake up at same time, everything works fine.

And check with code, for Citrix Viewer, it only have disable Citrix Viewer enter App Nap mode to make sure Citrix Viewer can receive network data prevent it session disconnect. Beside it, never see any code can impact the Macos's behaviour.


BTW: I can find lots of people have the same issue on LG screen as Macbook's external monitor, for example web link: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/381911/16-macbook-pro-doesnt-wake-up-screen-on-lg-5k-external-monitor, you can try some suggestions which promoted by the people who have the same issue.

If you still have the issue, I think you can contact with Apple tech support for some help, thanks.

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