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Have a 23,000 session Site through PVS to Physical. Going to Nutanix and virtual; Should we go to MCS instead of PVS


Have a 23,000 session Site through PVS to Physical.  Going to Nutanix and virtual; Should use MCS instead of PVS.  Never had an issue with the network,  PVS Servers have been stable.  Have had Nutanix for everything beside Citrix and we are moving this their as well..  From 8 am to 6- 7 pm we hold over 20000.  The Primary application will need about 3,500 VM's in Total across 10 - 14 Nutanix Clusters.   CVAD 1912 CU 6


Upgrade to CVAD 2203  in about 8 Months to a Year from now.

PVS or MCS    Thoughts???

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Disclaimer: I work for Nutanix ? 


Are you going native AHV for these workloads?


Nutanix makes MCS shine - but we also have many many customers at scale running PVS. Typically, this has been due to image management being a little simpler (historically) with vDisk replication across multiple PVS servers being a bit simpler than replicating a gold or base image across multiple clusters (but again, this is historical), and customer familiarity with PVS and existing processes for image update capability vs multi-catalog updates etc


MCS will perform slightly better earlier in the VM lifecycle due to our data locality capability. 


There are a few moving parts here - both options will shine - feel free to reach out if you want to dive into any of the features/capabilities/design considerations 

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Hey James,

Thanks for answering so quickly. 


Disclaimer: I truly Like the Nutanix Products. 


We were already able to convert a PVS VHDX to a VM.  They are using AHV almost exclusively.  For the Sites in question, it is all AHV, including the Infrastructure. PVS, DDC, SF, etc


I original had put PVS 5.6 for this customer back in 2009.  The industry is Health Care and this is for there Onsite Hosted EMR.  The were on 1912 CU1 but I have upgrade all 5 sites to 1912 CU6 to fix a reboot schedule issue.  Then I just finished moving them to 2019 Infrastructure Servers across the board.  Decision to the order of everything were the clients and the tolerance for the pace of changes.  They have a lot of Image management for their EMR and mostly just Monthly Updates for most of their other Non-Persistent VMS (Third Party applications).   All the New 3,500 new Machines would be  machines will be windows 2019 and publish a single application..  We Utilize the the benefits from Nutanix for their Current VDI site using MCS ~6000 VDIs Citrix XenDesktop 1912 CU6 as well.  They are across 2 Sites.  The EMR current on PVS for 1912 CU^ but I know the version numbers are a little different for PVS.    Image Changes are very frequent.  In Non-production for there testing Images may change as often as twice a week in some cases.


If you have further Input I would truly like to hear it.  I just set up very small MCS for them earlier today.  So there team can play around and compare to PVS.


Ray Z

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On 5/4/2023 at 1:12 PM, Raymond Zawislak1709160782 said:

Disclaimer: I truly Like the Nutanix Products. 


This makes me happy


I am going to drop you an email - looking at the above information I don't think there is anything that would suggest a better path either way (particularly the scale and experience they have with Nutanix and MCS currently) but my experience with certain EMR providers is they may well tell you what to do here ?

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