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PowerShell get vms hosted on a particular pool member




is there a way in Powershell SDK to find VMs belonging to a particular pool member? (the affinity to a homeserver)


#this returns all VMs from the whole pool:

$vms = get-xenvm | Where-Object {$_.is_a_template -ne "False" -and $_.is_control_domain -ne "False"}


How do I return the name of the xenserver pool member the VM actually belongs to... or just filter the list by a pool member name? 


Any help is very much appreciated.



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A simpler way to write the above is

Get-XenHost -Name "hostname" | select -Expandproperty resident_VMs | Get-XenVM


However, you mentioned affinity to a home server. This is not the same as the server where the VM runs. Affinity is the server where we prefer the VM to run, but if there are no available resources, it may run on a different server. The above snippet returns the VMs currently running on a given server, but it doesn't mean that all these VMs have this server affinity or any affinity at all.


To query VMs with a certain server affinity:

Get-XenVM | where {$_.affinity -eq $h.opaque_ref}


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