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Need some help - Forward all requests with exception to one situation

Gary Frye

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Looking for some assistance if anyone is willing to help, I think I have met with my limit of knowledge of Responder and Rewrite policies.


The Situation:
All requests from one host needs to be forwarded to another, with exception to one URL path that will include a variable component where we need to forward that URL path on to the destination host name.


https://www.something.com  forwards to https://cloud.somethingelse.com


https://www.something.com/anything  forwards to https://cloud.somethingelse.com


https://www.something.com/browse/itsm-1234  forwards to https://cloud.somethingelse.com/browse/itsm-1234


itsm-xxxx is the variable component as it would be different for every request.  Meaning anything after /browse/ needs to be captures and passed on with /browse if that makes sense. Could be itsm-2345 or relm-5432

What I have working so far:
Cloud - push anything from the old hostname to the new hostname:
add responder action Cloud_RedirectToPage_ACT REDIRECT "\"https://cloud.somethingelse.com\""

add responder policy Cloud_RedirectToPage_POL 'HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ("https://www.something.com")' Cloud_RedirectToPage_ACT

Cloud - Pass specific URL path to destination  
add responder action Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_ACT REDIRECT "\"https://cloud.somethingelse.com\""

add responder policy Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_POL 'HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH.EQ("/browse/ITSM-1234")' Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_ACT

I have the responder policy "Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_POL" bound first to the vServer and then "Cloud_RedirectToPage_POL" after.  So if the URL matches "/browse/ITSM-1234" it forwards the URL path to the destination, if not all other requests get forwarded to the root URL of the destination.  

110 - Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_POL
120 - Cloud_RedirectToPage_POL


So these two policies technically work, but what I do not understand how to do it capture the specific URL requested if the URL contains /browse/ and pass it on since end user requests will be dynamic for anything after /browse 


Any help appreciated, I feel like I am almost there but just getting beyond my skill set.  I am open to it being all in one policy if that somehow works better.

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You can use an action like this, depending on how much you want to hardcode:
"https://cloud.somethingelse.com/browse/" + http.REQ.URL.PATH_and_query.AFTER_STR("/browse/")



add responder action rs_act_demo3 redirect "\"https://cloud.somethingelse.com/browse/\" + http.REQ.URL.PATH_and_query.AFTER_STR(\"/browse/\")" -responseStatusCode 302
add responder policy rs_pol_demo3 "http.REQ.HEADER(\"host\").SET_TEXT_MODE(ignorecase).EQ(\"www.something.com\") && http.REQ.URL.PATH.GET(1).SET_TEXT_MODE(ignorecase).eq(\"browse\")" rs_act_demo3

NOTE: you can also use starts_with("/browse") instead of get(1) as shown above in the policy trigger.


For the complete scenario, you might need to adjust your other two redirects as they are not handling additional path/queries being supplied. But see if this solves your immediate issue with the "/browse" examples.




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You are my hero ?, that worked perfectly as described.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


I replaced my "Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_POL" with your code, bound it first and then followed it with "Cloud_RedirectToPage_POL" as listed to cover any other request and force it to the root URL.


110 - Cloud_URL_RedirectToPage_POL
120 - Cloud_RedirectToPage_POL

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