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Office 365 not keeping user token information and have to re-authenticate every time they log in.

Andy White1709162096


This is driving me mad.


We use Citrix XenDesktop 1912 CU6 and WEM with Windows 10 22H2 desktops and Office 365.

Our current desktops work fine, users who log in for the first time will log into office and authenticate (MFA etc) and I see the 2 token files created in their local profile on the VDI. I then see it copied over to their roaming profile on a remote server, Citrix WEM does this work. When they log in again all is good, I see the tokens copied back and they can get into Office 365 fine, with no authentication required.


Anyway I've created a new image for our Dutch office. It's Windows 10 22H2 again, but using the Dutch .iso and the Dutch version of Office 365. When a new user log in again the 2 tokens will be created and copied to the remote profile server as they should and when then logout and back in I see the 2 tokens copied back to the local profile on the VDI - great, but this time they have to authenticate every time as if it doesn't use the 2 tokens which are sitting there.

What could be the issue here?


The VDI's are in the same GPOs and AD groups and in the same OUs as the ones that work. Is it that we use a UK AD/WEM and this is a Dutch OS and Office?

Really strange.



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