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Azure Monitoring Agent for VM Insights and Sentinel on MCS Provisioned VDA's

Derek Loveless


We are looking to use Azure Monitoring Agent for VM Insights and Sentinel with our MCS provisioned VDA's.  I'm curious if anyone has any experience with this, and if there is anything we need to do around generalizing or prepping during our seal process to use Azure Monitoring Agent for VM Insights and Sentinel?

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For those that haven't seen Citrix did post in the blog about this: Machine Creation Services now supports the Azure Monitor Agent! - Citrix Blogs
We are now working on getting this configured.  One thing that I missed when we built our environment is the removal of Azure VM extensions from the master VM (I don't recall seeing this in any of the Citrix documentation at the time we were implementing).  We are working through testing the Azure VM extension removals, mostly around the SiteRecovery extension as we do use Azure Site Recovery for our master VM's, so that we can have our master vm's in the case of a DR failover.  So far so good.  After removing the SiteRecovery extension, I did a failover and failback last week and all was well.  As of this morning, all of the VM extensions appear to be reinstalled, which is fine, but that just means removing them would need to be part of our sealing process.

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