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Outlook ost-file not stored in designated location

Christian Hock



since I updated to 2203 cu2 I am experiencing issues with the Outlook ost-files. I configured via gpo the default save location for these files, but Outlook still places them in C:\Users\<user>\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\outlook.ost rather than the intended network drive. This only affects the ost-file, all the pst-files are saved in and accessed from the network drive specified by the gpo.

I have noticed that when I recreate the outlook profile, the desired path for the ost-file ist displayed  in the profile settings und data files. But only until I end my citrix session.

This problem seems rather small, but every time a user start a new citrix session and opens up Outlook for the first time, the ost-file is newly created and downloaded even though it already exists elsewhere. This leads to a loading time of up to one minute and in some cases even longer.

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Yes we have tried the container. With the container, the .vhxd file is in the users profile.

If we start outlook now, a link is displayed in the user profile, but the file is still uploaded to the server
Outlook takes about 60 seconds to start. Outlook displays"is being processed"
the vhxd is also quite large, for me e.g. 2.5GB. We have no problems with Windows 2012R2 and 1912.

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Based on the provided information, it seems like there might be an issue with the Group Policy Object (GPO) configuration for the default save location of Outlook OST files. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:


Check that the GPO setting is being applied correctly. You can use the Group Policy Results wizard to verify that the policy is being applied to the user in question. You can also run "gpresult /h" from the command line to generate a report of applied GPO settings.


Ensure that the user has appropriate permissions to access the network drive specified in the GPO. Make sure that the user has read/write access to the network drive and that there are no permission issues.


Verify that the network drive is available and accessible. Check that the network drive is not offline or experiencing any issues that might prevent Outlook from accessing the drive.


Try disabling any third-party Outlook add-ins that may be causing conflicts with the GPO setting. You can disable add-ins from the Outlook options menu.


If the issue persists, try creating a new Outlook profile with the desired OST file location and test if the OST file is being saved in the correct location. If the new profile works correctly, it might be necessary to recreate all user profiles with the updated GPO settings.


If none of the above steps resolve the issue, it might be necessary to review the event logs and examine any additional error messages or warnings related to Outlook OST file access. You could also consider contacting Microsoft support for further assistance

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Hi Christian, We have the exact same issue since "upgrading" to the 2203CU2 VDA.
Also having a lot of new connection problems where it either shows "connection Interrupted" or just disconnects after they put in their smart card PIN and it starts the logon.  Do you also see this.

Going to open a Citrix case with this info. Thanks!

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