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Multi-session VDA - Command line install (components to exclude?)





I used to install the Citrix VDA on a Multi-session OS by command line on XenApp 7.15 LTSR and CVAD 1912 LTSR.

There is a command-line option "/exclude" to exclude various components. 

At last I did exclude the following components on CVAD 1912


   AppDisks VDA Plug-in

   Personal vDisk

   Machine Identity Service

   Citrix User Profile Manager

   Citrix User Profile Manager WMI Plug-in

   Citrix Universal Print Client

   Citrix Telemetry Service

   Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA

   Citrix Supportability Tools

   Citrix Files for Windows

   Citrix Files for Outlook

   User Personalization Layer


   * Excluded components shown in grey



Now I am preparing the command line installation of CVAD 2203 LTSR.

I did examine the Citrix Docs carefully and I noticed that the excluded options changed significantly!


   Citrix Authentication Identity Assertion VDA Plug-in

   Citrix Backup and Restore

   Citrix Browser Content Redirection

   Citrix MCS IODriver

   Citrix Personalization for App-V - VDA

   Citrix Profile Management

   Citrix Profile Management WMI Plug-in

   Citrix Rendezvous V2

   Citrix Supportability Tools

   Citrix Telemetry Service

   Citrix Universal Print Client

   Citrix Vda Log Capture Service

   Citrix VDA Upgrade Agent

   Citrix WEM Agent

   CSE Component

   Director VDA Plug-in

   Machine Identity Service

   Machine Management Provider

   VDA Monitor Plug-in

   VDA WMI Proxy Plug-in


 I am completely unsure about the components shown in bold orange and I don't know, if I should install them.

There is a lack of documentation on this components in the Citrix Docs (Install using the command line) and elsewhere!


Could anybody give me some information on those components?

Are these installed, when installing the VDA normally through the GUI-installer?


Thank you very much!

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