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Citrix VAD and Dell VXRail, VMWare VSAN and Storage Policies

Simon Neild


Hi there,


We are in the process of migrating our private cloud over to a Dell VXRail setup which uses software defined storage rather than fibre attached SANs as our previous cloud did.  With the new setup the storage configuration is dictated by storage policies (VMWare VSAN) set up in the Dell console and that is the only way that the storage is segregated.

I need to move my VDAs over to the new cloud at some point and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of running VAD on this type of setup?  I am just wondering when I configure the resource in Citrix Studio if I'll be able to select a Storage policy or if I will just see a large pool of storage and the VXRail will just use the default storage policy to define the storage resilience.

I am planning to test our development VDAs in the next week or so so I'll know a bit more then but thought I'd ask beforehand in case anyone has done this already.

Thanks in advance


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