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Hidden buttons in custom portal after upgrade

Giovanni Molito

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Hi Ronda,

many thanks for your answer.

I upgraded from passing throuh and base template of customization was RfWebUI. 

As you can see in attached image, there is a difference in configuration after the upgrade.

Could this be the cause of the problem?



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So going from 12.1 to 13.0 to 13.1 sometimes avoids issues. Sometimes doesn't.

The reality is as much as the portal themes tried to be portable across builds sometimes they aren't.



Make a new theme from the default portal them rfwebui on the 13.1 build and then apply customizations and then see if it fixes problem. If still, an issue, see if the default theme works.

Keep the original upgraded theme for a refernece of changes you need to make (if the changes were made through GUI); if changes were made manually to the web directories, then you may have to re-do the changes on the new base portal theme.  


Until you test a theme made from the current 13.1 default rfwebui, and test a custom version made from that latest copy, you can't tell if this is issue with upgrading the older theme, an issue on the 13.1 theme itself, or a browser issue with the new theme.  

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added note.
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